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New !
Along the Valserine with electric bike
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New Activity at Monts Jura :
Year-Round Luge!
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The new Accommodation and Restaurant Guide is here!
You will find it at tourism offices and town halls.
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Gex Tourist Information

Opened to the world, the Pays de Gex is just 5 minutes away from Geneva. Between Jura mountains and Leman valley, discover walking hikes along de Balcon du Léman, ATV, pargliding at the heart of the Hight Jura Nature Reserve, golf, alpine or nordic skiing in the Jura mountains. Visit the Voltaire castle and the Fort l'Ecluse, admire the views of the Mont Blanc from La Faucille pass and take advantage of the benefits of the thermal baths in Divonne-les-Bains.

Fore more practical information, please contact the Tourism Offices. 

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